Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Creation of Wealth International

It was a cool sunny Fall morning when my BP (Business Partner) approached me with something he described as surreal. My thinking was why should we consider something else when our Primary Business MPB TODAY was undergoing national expansion?

Somewhat irritated yet slightly inquisitive in part because we have the same mindset. We are not program jumpers and we believe in helping those who have put their trust in us, those who have become affiliates in MPB. Okay BP what's the story I asked? Thousands are finding success even if they struggle with recruiting. Okay that sounds nice but that wasn't the real kicker for me. It was when he mentioned the requirement to be paid in this company that my wheels began to turn. Run one ad per day using ads they give you. Copy and paste it in the advertising sites they share with you. Takes less than 3 minutes a day. While we are running these daily ads take another minute to run an MPB ad.

Genius! Not one of our affiliates had a complaint about this plan of action. In fact 95% of them jumped in before we could say TAICONGEROGA! Not only have we generated excitement about making huge profits in our new venture, we are seeing a rekindling of excitement for some in MPB.

Here is what each of us now has that makes us feel like real entrepreneurs. Our own online store with exciting products. VISIT HERE TODAY!

Our own Penny Auction Site, Believe it! I'm even giving a way FREE BIDS! Get yours here!

Our own Shopping Daisy where you can find the lowest prices on everything. Right Here!

LOL! The Best For Last!!! Daily Profit Share from the company from all of their profits. Today mine was $??.?? 11/11/11 Sorry we have compliance requirements. You can do more or maybe less, it's up to you. We have been in for one month today. Running ONE AD A DAY KEEPS THE DAILY PROFIT SHARE COMING YOUR WAY!

Don't leave this money on the table, Get started now. JOIN HERE! 

     "Life Begins At The End of Your Comfort Zone." ~Neale Donald Walsch