Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Why Affiliate Programs Don't Work

Based on statistics 97% of online marketers FAIL! Why?

Let's begin with affiliate marketing programs. These programs generally offer advertising to promote your primary business. It's the compensation plans that lure people who want something for nothing. There are matrices, cyclers, gifting, and straight lines. All promising HUGE SUMS with little or NO effort. What kind of applicants are you going to attract into these businesses? Those who hop from program to program looking for a get rich quick scheme doing nothing to get it.

Sure there are some sincere individuals who are willing to work but they are the minority.

The other problem is the programs themselves. They have no sustainability. Great programs but again who are they mostly attracting?

And lastly the reputation. For the two reasons mentioned earlier affiliate programs have a bad rep. Great programs with some outstanding individuals yet perception is everything.

After toiling for 9 months in various programs my business partners and I have found something we are passionate about. A program that benefits every family it touches. Do yourself a favor and get out of affiliate programs while you still have your shirt.

Get Rich or Go Broke