Saturday, August 14, 2010

Global Community

Hello and thanks for dropping in, my door is always open. Remember when that small detail was common place in America? Leaving the front door, the back door, or any door for that matter, wide open. Those were carefree times. I'd like to think we can still do that, at least on the Internet. But wait there are uninvited guest here as well. Yes even the Internet has hackers, spammer's, and identity thieves.

I saw an article this week where you could retire in Belize on $1500 a month social security payments. The home was right on the ocean and it was beautiful. Very tempting. I could even stay close to my friends and family, by way of the Internet of course. Belize has a population of 350,000 hence isolation would not be a problem. Pretty sure we could leave our doors open there.

Since joining the WWW I've made friends all over the globe. Fascinating possibilities. There's Bomi in South Africa a fellow poet. You can see her poetry at fluid thought on wordpress. There is Divya originally from India but now living in my neighborhood, she is also a poet/artist with works everywhere. Leslie is from Ghana a former coworker and very talented in the field of communications. Speaking of Communications and Globally at that, let me introduce you to Monifa and video talk. Dave my new business partner is from Jamaica, Alecia is from Saint Kitts and Nevis, Makeir is from The Bahamas. Andrea is in Isreal. And last but certainly not least is Marguerite in "The Big Apple" Truly a global community in the making.

Oh yes, I live here in the Midwest. Chicago IL has it all. Interesting politics. Great places for dining out. Music, museums, art galleries, shows, and a multi-cultural experience. After winter it has some of the best weather you could experience anywhere. This is a good spot to mention Facebook as another great tool for connecting a Global Community. I met Darryl Frierson who is on his way to becoming an established author.
We share this aspiration. Search for The Tattooed Conscience at PublishAmerica.
Darryl's blog ashy to classy is a must see. What's unique about our experience is I'm originally from St Louis Mo and now residing in the Chicago IL area, while Darryl is from Chicago now residing in St Louis. I'd imagine we both conjure thoughts of home while connecting.

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In my next post I plan on sharing what I've learned from my new friends. But before I go here is a poem I dedicated to our global community.

"The Neighborhood"  by Mark Elliot Granberry

Every morning I say hello to my neighbors

though they each live a few acres away.

Mr. Yamaguchi, Mr. Swenson, and Ms. Mapulanga

generally has the most to say.

Mr. Yamaguchi is dressed in kimono

tied neatly with a sash.

Ms. Mapulanga wears a Yoruba

for her wedding day bash.

Mr. Swenson likes his knee length trousers

a different pair for each day of the week.

You'll love the neighborhood we live in

if it's variety you seek.

There's a picnic today and you're invited

to this grand feast.

Sushi, maize porridge, and sauerkraut

are some of the goodies we have to eat.

Please join us here

we promise to be gracious host.

It's your welfare and enjoyment

that we will be concerned with most.

If you are here for the first time welcome and tell us who you are and where you are from.
2. Tells us what you like most about the Country you live in.
3. Where would you take a guest in your Country for their first visit.
4. What meal would you serve them to highlight the food there.
5. What has been the most dramatic change in your Country over the last 5 years?


  1. This was quite welcoming! Thank-You for allowing me to visit. I am proud of you! Phyllis

  2. Thanks Phyllis, that means a lot coming from you.

  3. hi mark,

    Thank you for inviting me. I, myself, originally come from Bosnia, but live in Austria, where the foreigners are not that welcome. Yet, I believe that the richness and prosperity of one’s country lies in the culture-mix of the people within, as well as in knowledge. Knowledge clears all prejudices and misunderstandings. That’s what I like about your post. You think differently and you like meeting people all around the world and making new friends.


    you can find my blog at, and my short personal profile is available to you at peoplestring