Saturday, September 4, 2010

It's Complicated

Seen it on Facebook for relationship status, just what does that mean, it's complicated?
For a certainty relationships can be complicated but I'm not sure that is the reference. Anyway I will leave that alone. Feel free to post if you are in a complicated relationship just what that means. In the meantime in between time here is what it means to be in a complicated relationship.

 When she says this, does he understand her to say that? When he says that, does she understand him to say this? Let me tell you this, that's just the way it is. This is not a man is from Venus and women are from Mars complication but a testament on how different we communicate. There are some countries where men and women speak the same language but different dialects so they can communicate better. The bottom line is we have to work at communication if we are going to be successful in a relationship. There is a reason we have two ears and one mouth.

Complicated Marries Complex

Once attracted to this body made of steel,
may seem strange girl but it's no longer how I feel.
I need a man who is tender and understanding,
not so much the Sargent always demanding.

She was so delicate made me feel strong,
 my embrace now despised where did I go wrong?
Placed candles and flowers around the evening we would spend,
But when I gave solutions instead they would offend.

Wasn't he supposed to listen to the things that overwhelmed my emotions,
instead I had to listen all night to his arrogant promotions.

Against the counsel of all in the brotherhood,
I changed my method of approach hoping for the good.

Are men so slow being one step behind,
he is what I wanted but I've since changed my mind.

Our place for intimacy has been reduced to a place for having sex,
I just can't figure her out I'm married to complex.

The days of longing for his power watching as his hips gyrated.
is now just time spent releasing stress I'm married to complicated.

Hope you enjoyed the poem. Now if you really want to improve on your relationships you need to have one of THESE. LOL!


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